Well, we officially launched the site a few days ago and the support has been overwhelming. It really does seem people are looking for LOVE, not lust! One of the biggest questions I’ve been asked over the last few days is what will make this site different than the rest? So, I figured I should write up a little something to describe why I started the site and how I plan to keep it running, and operate if differently than all the other sites and apps.

First of all, read the Rules page of the site. It’s filled with information on what makes the site different, but the biggest is that sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. And that means if you log on here and immediately ask someone to jump in bed with you, they have the option to contact me (Here’s a link to my profile, Add me as a friend!) with information and screenshots about your conversation. With that, you could be removed and your IP address permanently blocked.

Second, we’re here to find love. Now, lately my personal relationship status has been called into question because my status on the site is listed as “Partnered but Very Open.” My relationship status isn’t really anyone else’s business, but I’ll say this: We celebrate ALL kinds of relationships on this site. We don’t discriminate toward open relationships or polyamory. If you are looking for a third, or fourth, or twelfth love, that’s your business. As long as all involved are aware of the others, and you’re not just looking for a fling on here, that’s your business. I personally will not be using this site to look for hookups. I won’t be using it to look for other love. I have found my one true love and therefore am only on here as the administrator and for support.

With that said, your intentions must be stated up front, which is why we have that “Partnered but Very Open” status. That should signal that you have one love in your life, but are looking for another. All infall, I encourage everyone to use this site to make meaningful connections. I can’t police what you do in your bedrooms, but it’s my hope that everyone will choose to use this site for its intended purposes.

Happy Chasing, loves! I can’t wait to hear how everything goes!

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