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Obviously, we all know the bar scenes, the club scenes, the endless displays of male or female flesh… and it gets tiring!  How can anyone expect to find a decent guy without going to these places, you might ask?  Well, that’s what we’re here to find out.

If the twinks and muscle jocks are not for you, then here are three places where you can normally find normal, down-to-earth men and women that will typically appreciate you for you.


Yes, gays and gals, you read that right.  There are many LGBT+ friendly churches out there and many curious homos (I love that word – don’t be offended, I am one!) often trickle into them, even if they are not “religious.”  So, even if you worship the dark legions of Satan, or have absolutely no faith whatsoever, you should really take a gander at the list on gaychurch.org.

With this method, you will find a nice man or woman who is looking for a real connection.  Odds are, you won’t have to put up with the after-dinner guaranteed “go-back-to-his/her-place” shtick.  Dates involving religious people are often less stressful than standard ones, as spiritual people, for whatever reason, have more patience when it comes to hormone control!


Before you tell me that bookworms are not your type, I see HOT guys and attractive woman in bookstores every time I go into them.  I’m shy, but if I wasn’t, half of those boys would have taken a trip to my bedroom, glasses or not!  Never judge a book by its cover, and please never use that cliche in a paid article of your own…

Anyway, this link will give you tips on how to pick up your dream date in these more quiet settings.


This one should be obvious, but sometimes people overlook it.  Volunteer at your local LGBT+ events!  Depending on the event at which you volunteer, that’s the type of people you will meet.  Simply pick the event the best suits you and the desired traits in a date, and go get your hands dirty.

Not only will you be helping yourself, you will be helping your community and that’s just as important.  There are still so many hurdles for us to overcome and volunteering a few hours a week isn’t hard to do, especially when you might meet the love of your life (or even the love of your night) at these events.

Involve yourself.  It can only work in your favor.  Virginia Beach and the surrounding counties have so many events tailored to our community that there is no excuse not to reach out to one.

Take a look:  http://www.hamptonroadspride.org/


I want to wrap this up by reminding us all that not all actions are appropriate in all settings.  In a PRIDE parade, men and women might invite you to grope them.  These same actions would NEVER be appropriate in a church setting.  As with bookstores and libraries, always make sure you are respectful because there are many people out there whose views differ from ours.  In as much as we hate being abused by their views, they feel the same.  It’s best to keep things casual, while still letting the person you’re pursuing know you’re interested.

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