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Working with CBL to add members has never been easier! We’re excited to launch our affiliate program to reward you for helping our program grow! When you sign up, you’ll be given a set of unique coupon codes that are specific to you. All you have to do is share your code and encourage people to sign up for Chasing Big Love with a monthly or yearly subscription!

Here’s how it works:

  1. You fill out the form and receive discount codes good for 10%, 20%, 25%, 30%, and 40% off.
  2. You share your code on social media or amongst your friends, or put one of our advertisements up on your website! We have a full library of advertisements available for you to use!
  3. Someone signs up using one of your discount codes, and you get a commission based on the following codes: 10% off code = 40% commission, 20% off code = 30% commission, 25% off code = 25% commission, 30% off code = 20% commission, 40% code = 10% commission.
  4. If someone signs up for a yearly subscription, you get the entire payment at once! If someone signs up for a monthly subscription, you get the payment after the person has been active on the site for 6 months.
  5. Every month, you get a statement and a payment sent directly to you via PayPal!

Let’s do a real application of the system:

Johnny has been posting his 25% off discount code on Facebook and Twitter and 140 people have signed up using his discount code! 100 of those paid for the yearly subscription. The subscription sells for $29.99, but they only paid $22.49 when using his code. Johnny gets $7.50 for every person that purchased a yearly subscription! That comes out to $750!

With Johnny’s monthly sales, he signed up 40 people. 20 of those stayed on the site for the full 6 months of the commission period, and Johnny gets $1.25 for each month for each person. $7.50 for each person, $150 total! Out of the original 40, 10 stayed for only 4 months. Johnny gets $1.25 for each month for each person, $50 total! Out of the original 40, 10 stayed for only 2 months. Johnny gets $1.25 for each month for each person, $25 total! For monthly subscriptions, Johnny earned $225!

JOHNNY EARNED A COMBINED INCOME OF $1,000! Not too bad for sharing the code and encouraging people to sign up!

Are you ready to join? Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with you within 48 hours with your discount codes! Questions? Email us at!

Concerns or questions?

See our support area where you can find questions asked by our members and answered by the Chasing Big Love team.

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